There are 1145 seats in the WSU Assembly, fifty per cent of which are held by the government of the EEA, which makes the WSU multinational. It also allows cross-species investors to have seats. Like the investors elected by the Banu protectorate and the Xi'an empire which accounts for thirty-five percent of the seats in the WSU assembly, the GIB 3 (Group Interstellar Business) has had 246 seats.

 United Empire of Earth 572 sièges

Empire Xi'an 102 sièges

Protectorat Banu 102 sièges

Origin Jumpworks 123 sièges

Anvil Aerospace 123 sièges

Roberts Space Industrie 123 sièges


The president and elected by the assembly which and him elected by the employees of the World Star Universe, with a 3-year mandate with unlimited cumulation for the president, the elections of the assembly take place every 3 years.​


The World Star Universe company and a democratic multi-national interspecies company, which allows investors to influence the company's internal decisions.


Business City World Star Universe

The investors' meeting is located on Terra - Prime, it is currently under construction just next to the World Star Universe headquarters.


The work is expected to be completed by December 7, 2949.


The Business City World Star Universe and a Prime building complex, nicknamed Freedom Tower Imperial at the beginning of the project, is the main building of the new Business City World Star Universe complex in the northern part of the city of Prime - Terra, and the highest skyscraper in the Northern Hemisphere.

This 142-storey tower bears the same name as the former headquarters of the World Star Universe in Sol - Paris.


It is located in the northern corner of the city, in Prime (with a surface area of 8.5 ha). 

Address: 42 Stellaris St, Terra, TP 70001, United Empire of Earth

Height: 742 m


Floors: 142

Cost: 12 billion UEC
(Business City: 58 billion UEC)

Start of work: July 14, 2949
(end of work 25 January 2950)

BTP: Hurston Dynamics / Origin Jumpworks GmbH / World Star Building / Crusader Industries / Gorgon Defender Industries

Opening hours: Open 24h / 24h



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