Interstellar Group Business Three (GIB3) is a group of three companies, the CEOs meet quarterly. It was created in 2948, after the succession of financial crises of the World Star Universe in the years 2947. It aims to promote consultation in the Terra solar system, by integrating the principle of a broader dialogue taking into account the growing economic weight of a number of companies. GIB3 represents 65% of the trade of the Terra solar system, two thirds of the population of the Terra solar system and more than 75% of the gross product of the Terra solar system (sum of the GDP of all companies in the Terra solar system). On November 19, 2949, for the first time in its history, the CEOs met for a joint conference. The GIB3 comes in three forms: the GIB3, which brings together CEOs, the GIB3 finance, which brings together the largest investors and some banks in the UEE and, since September 2949, the social GIB3, which brings together the unions.


The GIB3 was created in the margins of an interview with WSU and OJ on August 23, 2948 in New Austin, at the initiative of the CEO of the World Star Universe, Noirvaro, during a meeting of the CEOs of Prime. The purpose of this new group is then to promote the financial stability of the Terra solar system and to create opportunities for dialogue between industrialized planets and emerging companies, something that the internal meetings between companies of the Terra solar system did not allow. 



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