Humanitarian Actions Armed Forces is a mixed private-public service, created on 25 January 2949 during the Terra Prime World Economic Forum following increasing threats and repeated attacks by Vanduul. The objective of this HAAF is to evacuate civilians throughout the UEE before any Vantuul threat, by all appropriate means to counter the Vantuul threat.


Its objective, according to its Constitution, is to "contribute to the maintenance of human life and the security of civilians, through an armed force that will be permanent, whose primary objective will be the evacuation of worlds and mass civil transport logistics, collaboration between the private and the public, in order to ensure universal respect for justice, the law, the rights of the UEE and fundamental freedoms for all, without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion.


HAAF's headquarters are located in Sol (Paris), at 7/9, place de Fontenoy - HAAF. There are more than five other offices, several institutes and analytical centres throughout the UEE, such as the WSU Institute of Galactic Statistics in Terra (New Austin) or the Galactic Office of Studies and Human Development in Idris (Locke).


On July 13, 2949 the AHFA became HAAF to better adapt to the interspecies language of the universe.

The Head Office in Sol (Paris)


In 2949 the HAAF moved to Sol (Paris) or the center of the political and economic intentions of humanity and concentrated. In 2950, the HAAF will be able to join the WSU house and its head office currently set up in Paris to move it to Prime.



The IMA is both a military higher education institution founded by Louis Bonaparte and the complex of buildings built to accommodate it in Paris, Prime, New York and Locke.


Before the foundation of the IMA, the children of the nobility who were destined for a career in arms were already receiving high-level training. They were trained in military academies that were expensive for families, some had the chance to learn as pilots in a pretentious squadron or at some private companies that also had elite flight training schools.


The purpose of the Institute of Advanced Defence Studies of the European Union, a private administrative institution under the authority of the HAAF, is to provide senior citizens, army officers and executives from all sectors of activity of the European Union with in-depth knowledge of global defence, to assist in the promotion of university defence education, and to conduct and encourage defence-related studies.

SHIELD (typified S.H.I.I.E.L.D.), an acronym for "Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division", is a HAAF intelligence, intervention and counter-terrorism agency belonging to the World Star Universe. Created by President Sarash Fury and Vice President Valentin Fury, it appeared in public for the first time at the end of the 1st war with the Teravins in that greater discretion. Led by Annetta Fury, a HAAF veteran and super-spy, she and the president of this secret agency of the EEA, she ensured for some time, following her secret war against the organization Otoni Syndicate (Fury Shadow), and still remains one of the most influential women in the World Star Universe. The organization was led by Gabriel Fury (deceased on April 16, 2949) until the events of Angel Gabriel I.


Annette Fury succeeded her until the merger of the agency with HAAF after the events named "Act Fury Secret Invasion Vanduul".


SHIELD HQ is a building located in Terra - Prime not far from the WSU headquarters, called the Pentagon, which has a "Shield" defence system and planetary ballistic missiles.

Internally, agents' accreditations depend on a code ranging from 1 to 10, giving access to equipment, information and secret intelligence.

  Diana Roberts is level 9. An external status, called "God", gives the possibility to form a team at any time for a specific mission. Eric Trump also has this status.

 Annetta Fury is the only 42nd degree agent, i.e. the only one who knows about the existence of 42 SHIELD secret bases throughout the Universe.

The Galactic Health Organization (GHO) is a specialized agency of the Humanitarian Actions Armed Forces (HAAF) for public health created in 2950. It reports directly to the Economic and Social Council of Humanitarian Actions Armed Forces and is headquartered in Genoa, in the solar system Terra. According to its constitution, the GHO aims to bring all member and partner inter-species galactic peoples to the highest possible level of health, health being defined in the same document as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". Since 20 March 2950, the Director General of the institution is Vivane Polithi.

The Galactic Health Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the GHO. It usually meets in Genoa (Terra) in May each year and delegations from its 75 Member Companies, four of which sit on it. Its main functions are to approve the GHO's programme budget for the following biennium and to decide on the major policy directions of the Organization. It adopts by a majority new Galactic Health Conventions to fill gaps in various areas. Each convention must be ratified by each company to enter into force. For example, it has adopted the GHO Framework Convention on Drug Control, which only seven members have not ratified.

Upcoming changes to the history.

The Secretariat is headed by the Director General, who is appointed by member Galactic Companies for a period of five years, on the proposal of the Executive Council. The staff of the GHO Secretariat consists of medical professionals, other specialists or experts and administrative staff working at headquarters in Genoa and in the field, in the six Galactic Regional Offices and its 42 field offices in empires, territories or areas. Companies that do not have a GHO office depend on the nearest field office or the appropriate regional office.



We guarantee you an evacuation within 31 Days. (request within 7 days)

Our Action:



We guarantee you an evacuation within 31 Days. (request within 7 days)

Our Action:



We guarantee you an evacuation within 31 Days. (request within 7 days)

Our Action:




We guarantee you a shipment of essential goods within 31 days. (request within 7 days)

Our Action:



We guarantee a shipment of essential goods within 15 days. (request within 7 days)

Our Action:



We guarantee you a shipment of essential goods within 7 days. (request within 7 days)

Our Action:



Ben Lesnick

* Javelin

One of our first evacuation transport ships in the spirit of the World Star Universe, the Ben Lesnick, like its sisterships, embodies this unique defense, subtle to the alliances of private and public builders, intimacy and direct action, which makes this HAAF ship a weapon of deterrence. Its exterior and interior lines, sober and refined, allow a mass evacuation of civilians as well as its imposing size make it a rare and innovative warship on the UEE market.

Interior decoration

Fluid shapes and large interior space, milliary colour range, combining metal and the most resident materials of the UEE. With its imposing size, it is a concept very open to the universe, the UEE, an important ship of the World Star Citizen company, offers its soldiers the sensation of sailing on a private luxury ship. Warm and welcoming restaurants complete the intimate spaces of this warship. An ideal ship for civilian support action.

Pedro Macedo Camacho

* Polaris

Petro Macedo Camacho and the first massive milliary transport ship of the World Star Universe and when it left the factory on January 5, 2949.


It is a massive and versatile military transport vessel designed by RSI, which entered service in 2949. Its objective is to take care of soldiers and civilians first.


Petro Macedo Camacho - Polaris is an agile, corvette-class capital ship that contains a powerful punch with full turret and torpedo weaponry. Intended to be used both as a naval patrol ship and as a flag bearer for militia operations, this vessel has the capability to conduct search and rescue operations, light strike missions and general security patrols. The Pedro Macedo Camacho includes facilities to repair, rearm and refuel a single fighter, light bomber or support vessel.

* Appolo

Equipped with innovative and environmentally friendly equipment, this refined design vessel, a large care and research area, state-of-the-art equipment, this new vessel with its own training area, will offer you a unique training experience on universal medicine.


As the first ship in a new series on the theme of the World Star Universe, Jared Huckaby embodies this unique atmosphere, a subtle combination of refinement, intimacy and well-being that is the signature of the RSI company.


On board this ship sailing under the flag of the UEE, you will find the incomparable pleasure of learning and experiencing your self, offering the opportunity to explore an ever wider range of technology in a chic ethnic atmosphere and a 24-hour training service.


A certain idea of luxury medicine where the authenticity and passion of man have kept their place.

* Idris P

Propose a mythical support action or reach the most hostile ports of the EEA, accessible only to military forces with a high deterrent capacity. The signature of the Eric Kieron Davis ship is a delight - a broad and fast action strike, the thousand attentions of military service, an unforgettable armament and support capability aboard a capital ship under the flag of the EEA. Combine refinement and friendliness, privilege emotion, authenticity, discovery of the universe.


"Discover the magic of "Eric Kieron Davis".


With its imposing size, it is a concept very open to the world of the HAAF, the iconic ship of the World Star Universe company, which offers its soldiers the sensation of sailing on a private luxury ship. A warm and welcoming dining room completes the intimate spaces of this military ship. An ideal ship for an unexpected intervention or event.

* Hull E

The largest specialized cargo ship available at the World Star Universe to date, the Tony Zurovec generally belongs to large companies and operates with a high degree of planning. The lack of manoeuvrability inherent in such a large ship means that anyone considering operating it must be careful with the turret equipment and escort. Their potential load (and modularity) is unparalleled, however: no other ship leaves so much space to store goods or to change another role! The Tony Zurovec is used for large-scale humanitarian purposes to send goods en masse to an area affected by wars or disasters.

* Endeavor

The World Star Universe is proud to present the most advanced humanitarian research vessel in the field, the Francesco Roccucci, a fully modular space platform designed to be adapted to various scientific and medical tasks. Initially developed as a floating laboratory, the Francesco Roccucci can be equipped for everything, even with an advanced space research center for non-profit mound use. It is also a ship with more than ten research laboratories in fields such as health, nutrition and a materials and energy research laboratory. Francesco Roccucci and permanently station in the Terra system for security and supply issues. In addition, this research vessel has four statistical centres on board, such as the HAAF's Centre for Social and Behavioural Analysis of Migration Flows, the Centre for Species and Biodiversity Analysis, the Inter-Galactic Bureau of Inter-Species Economic Exchanges, the Institute of Inter-Species Politology and Studies of Galactic Languages - IPELG. 


Space Force ("United Forces Spatiale") is an army of the Armed Forces of the World Star Universe for the conduct of military operations in space created on 15 March 2950. It is the second branch of the forces of the World Star Universe. Its provisional headquarters is Locke Air Force Base.

In 2950, the head of the World Star Universe in charge of assessing the security of the UEE organization and management recommended an internal reorganization of HAAF to consolidate the space-related activities of the Pentagon Department of the World Star Universe. The war with the outlaws and the war with the Vanduul makes one forget this proposal. On 15 March 2950, the President of the World Star Universe announced in an address to Gazette Terra a directive creating a second branch of the HAAF forces, independent of the World Star Universe. On February 25, 2950, the president of the World Star Universe's investor assembly, Tess Hill, announced in a meeting at the Pentagon that the process of creating this new branch was underway and specified that the process would be done in stages, with the goal of creating this second branch by 2952. This decision must be approved by the investors' meeting to be effective. In the HAAF 2951 budget. A Space Development Agency (SDA) was created on 10 January 2950 to help the HAAF (Pentagon) department develop new strategic procurement, but in 2950 its fate was uncertain due to lack of resources. In April 2950, the HAAF announced the three finalist sites for the future location of the Space Force headquarters: Locke Space Force Base, Prime Space Force Base, Earth Air Force Base. Space Force is officially created with the signature on March 5, 2950 Defense Authorization Act by Nemeroff Barenchinu president of the World Star Universe, which makes Space Force official.

The specific budget granted for the year of its start-up is 15 billion UEE instead of the 22 billion requested. The establishment of the SFU is expected to be completed in 2955.

This new service is organized as a branch within the HAAF and has a Supreme Admiral of Space Operations who is an officer with the rank of Admiral and is a full member of the HAAF. Although the Space Force is initially organized as a service within the HAAF Department, the intention is that at a later time, the SFU will be transferred to the authority of the UEE. The SFU will be responsible for all major space procurement programmes and will manage its own budget. This new unit will include all uniformed personnel and support space operations. Once established, the responsibilities of the SFU will include space doctrine, organization, training, equipment, personnel and facilities will be managed by HAAF.

1745 - Super Hornet / UFA - *****

725 - 300iP / UFA - *****

350 - Gladiator / UFA - *****

250 - Aopoa / UFA - *****

117 Hammerhead - Donald Trump / UFAP - *****

3535 - Starfarer / UFACA - *****

745 - Mantis / UEW - *****

945 - Caterpillar / UFAT - *****

315 - Retaliator Bomber / UFAB - *****

677 - A2 Hercules / UFAB - *****

750 - Gladus Valiant / UFAC - *****

35 - Carrack - Neil Armstrong / UFAE - *****

115 - Terapin / UFAE - *****

425 - Herald / UFAC - *****

315 - Hull B / UFAT - *****

425 - Hull C / UFAT - *****

225 - Prowler / UFAT - *****

345 - Valkyrie / UFAT - *****

1780 - M2 Hercules / UFAT - *****

850 - ARCO / UFAPL - *****

175 - Orion / UFAM - *****

105 - Reiglemer / UFAR - *****

245 - Vangard Sentinel / UFAI - *****

135 - Saber Raven / UFAEL - ****

442 - Eclipse / UFAEL - *****

112 - Crucible / UFAR - *****

13835 - Vulcan / UFAR - *****

11850 - MPUV / UFAP - *****

48400 - Cyclone -TR + RC + AA / UFATS - ****.

7450 - Ranger - RC + TR + CV / UFATS

7200 - URSA Rover + Fortuna / UFATS - *****

8500 - NOVA / UFATS - *****

450 - Apollo Medivac / UFAME - *****




Idris M - John Miles / Admiral Ariette *2951

Pioneer - Martin Galway / Admiral Nanonoka *2953

Kraken - Jeremiah Lee / Admiral Alvida *2950




Pegasuse - Imperator / Admiral Noirvaro * 2965


Operation Pitchfork

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