From the big picture to the details, a true luxury company intuitively knows how to provide quality service to its customers. At World Star Citizen, we have taken the time to anticipate all your needs by offering you an incredible range of luxury facilities and services.


Everything you need, we will go further to make your stay with us simply extraordinary and unforgettable.



World Star Music (WSC) is a music streaming service in the form of a website. WSM allows you to listen to music files almost instantly.


Boost your ideas with royalty-free music. Explore our carefully selected music library.



World Star Photography (WSF), your high-end wedding photographer is looking for authentic, true, natural and sincere moments that take place on your wedding day. These unique moments occur only once. A professional wedding photographer is able to anticipate all these moments. His goal is to restore these rich, personal images to you with simplicity and depth, while bringing his style that makes each photo, each image he has composed, processed, restored unique...


A luxury wedding photographer is constantly attentive to every little detail. His gaze must be clear, fair but also and above all sensitive.


Unique wedding photos

A wedding photo must be perfect. It is impossible to reproduce, to remake. It will be unique. Using a high-end wedding photographer means making sure you are in contact with a professional wedding photographer, who, thanks to his talent, his sensitivity will bring you unique images. He has state-of-the-art photographic equipment at his disposal, which he controls with his fingertips.



Discover your Universal Library, you will find here a list of articles on the history and fiction of our universe. By providing as many people as possible with a growing body of knowledge, is the WSC fulfilling the dream of the Enlightenment? These questions are no longer abstract. Over the past four centuries, the WSC's world-renowned research library has digitized and put millions of books from the collections of the world's largest academic libraries online. For authors and publishers, from the universe. After lengthy negotiations, the parties reached an agreement that should change the way books reach their readers.


The purpose of the WSC library is clear: to open their collections and make them available to any reader, wherever they may be. A seemingly simple project, but constantly hampered by social constraints and economic interests. The WSC implements the sharing and knowledge of the EEU without any sanction and all this for the greater pleasure of the universal.


World Star Citizen offers a wide range of careers, whether you want to join our teams of pilots, engineers, flight attendants or air travel and data services, check out our current job opportunities and discover how to work for a dynamic and multicultural company.



With World Star Universe in partnership with UEEXI, the translation barrier is broken for your greatest satisfaction, during your stay a permanent Human, Banu and Xi'an translator will be there to guide you. No matter where you want to go, nothing stops you with our machine translation software that follows you on your visits, we guide you to many planets in the universe and beyond.


Basically, Universal Star Health is a department of the World Star Citizen whose mission is to manage major pathological cases. To do this, Universal Star Health builds state-of-the-art medical facilities to provide and administer the care and therapies patients will need.


Like all the personnel working in our space fleets, they must be highly qualified professionals with perfect medical expertise. There are doctors from all specialists, surgeons, nurses and carers. Not to mention non-medical staff who perform administrative tasks and functions. It is the cohesion of the whole entity that ensures the proper functioning of these institutions.


Dominating the universe and the peaks of the UEE, World Star Universe embodies luxury. Our culinary excellence and personalized service distinguish us as a commercial and social destination of choice for the UEE.


With a multitude of indoor and outdoor event locations offering a breathtaking view of the worlds and stars, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the place of your dreams. Whether it is the World Star Bar or the World Star Restaurant, where private meetings on our luxury vessels, the meeting rooms of the World Star Citizen never lack charm.


WSCTV is a multilingual interplanetary information television network created on 1 January 2935 and based in Terra Prime (Terra). It belongs to the World Star Citizen, itself owned since May 2948 at 15% by the Empire of the EEA and the Collossus Transports at 50% - 35% Origin System. 


WSCTV and an interplanetary news channel with unlimited streaming services available in the UEE. Our network is the fastest in the UEE with an unlimited connection from Sol to Terra, you can follow us live! And our events! Live with no latency. During your stay with us, you can access our WSCTV channel.


The musical programming interposed between the Commission's shows is eclectic, multi-generational, original, sometimes curious, alternative and/or consensual, in any case resolutely far from the major commercial networks.

Thematic musical programs maintain this level of requirement, all genres combined: UEE chanson d'hier ou d'aujourd'hui, blues, jazz, rock, electro, techno, latin, rap, rap, classical, brass bands, world music, soul, metal, flamenco, etc.... Most of them are run by music lovers.


Fondée en 2685, World Star Finance est une banque locale. Engagées au cœur des territoires de l'empire, les deux agences interplanétaires s'impliquent au quotidien dans les projets de leurs clients et leur apportent des réponses sur mesure. Un rôle qui fait de World Star Finance un acteur majeur de la vie économique locale.

Sensibilisés aux enjeux et spécificités de chaque territoire, les conseillers accueillent tous les clients dans des espaces dédiés. Moyens de paiement, solutions d'épargne et de crédit, gestion de patrimoine, produits d'assurance.... World Star Finance vous accompagne chaque jour avec une gamme de produits et services qui répond à tous vos besoins, à chaque instant de votre vie. Vous n'avez pas le temps de vous rendre dans une agence ? Découvrez World Star Finance, l'agence 100% en ligne de l'Empire UEE, et accédez à tous les services d'une agence traditionnelle, 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7, sur Internet ou sur votre mobiglass.


At Universal Systems, trust is preserved.


Universal Systems, with more than five garages in the Empire, is a vast local network run by teams of experienced professionals who ensure the maintenance, but also the repair of your vehicle, whatever its brand.

A repair ? Spare parts, guaranteed for at least one year parts and labour, are available for almost the entire EEA fleet. A review, an interview? Manufacturer's warranty preserved: in the Universal Systems network, overhauls and repairs are carried out by qualified professionals according to the manufacturer's methods and recommendations. Universal Systems is advice, professionalism and an excellent quality / competence / price ratio, close to you!


The Star Home Voice Mini Assistant speaker is the little sister of the classic World Star Universe Vocal Home. This "miniature" version is tiny and fits everywhere without taking up space. Let's put it this way, it's not a high quality speaker to listen to your favorite music, but rather a voice assistant to help you with your daily tasks.

This speaker is ideally placed in the secondary rooms to allow you to access your information with your voice. This voice assistant will be particularly useful in a kitchen to follow your recipes or in a room to get the latest news before you get up. It is a very useful voice assistant to control your home and connected objects in your home and to access a lot of information with the power of the World Star Universe Vocal Cloud.



Check out our agenda with all our interplanetary events.





Guests can arrive in 890 Jump, the most emblematic of the World Star Citizen, arrive in 85x with a driver, a high-end service transfer.

If you arrive in 85x, you will have a panoramic view of the 890 Jump, which will end with a spectacular landing on the private hangar of the 890 Jump.






For the comfort and convenience of guests, there is a dedicated reception on each vessel with check-in in the privacy of the individual suite. Butlers are available 24 hours a day to meet the needs of each client.



VIP service is more than a luxury. It's about creating opportunities once in a lifetime. At the World Star Universe, we've organized an impressive list of VIP experiences to help you make your dreams come true.

From butler services to dream car rental, we are here to pamper you. Our ultra-exclusive VIP service offers unlimited possibilities, with a team of dedicated concierges who will work tirelessly to meet and exceed your highest expectations. All you have to do is ask us!




World Star Fitness offers a selection of qualified coaches to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

For all fitness enthusiasts, workaholics always short of time or people trying to get in shape in their own way, our custom workout packages are designed for you. From tone to weight loss to fitness, our team will make sure you achieve your fitness goals.


World Star Universe is committed to providing experiences that protect and preserve the environment, biodiversity, culture and heritage of the UEE.




To be the most luxurious cruise company in the UEE with a team dedicated to exceptional personalized service, exceeding customer expectations by offering them the ultimate hospitality experience.


Our community

We are committed to conducting our activities in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible, transparent and balanced manner. Our practices and related policies are grouped under our company's strategic corporate social responsibility model.


World Star Universe is proud to be associated with the following organizations:


* Green Globe - certification for sustainable tourism

Environmental Group - A local non-profit organization dedicated to promoting civic awareness and community action to protect the local environment of the planet UEE.

WSU Natural History Group - A group of non-profit volunteers with a common interest to learn more about natural history in general and the UEE empire in particular.

Department of Tourism Marketing and Trade (DMCT) - The Government of the UEE promotes sustainability in all sectors and industries.


Energy and water saving


At World Star Citizen, we are always trying to work for greener luxury and strive to implement innovative technologies, which is best for our customers, the environment and all WSU colleagues working around the world. This is all part of our commitment to the environment.



We can arrange a meeting service upon arrival from Terra Spaceport or Sol - UEE. Our team will be waiting for you at the exit of the terminal just after customs.

If you still need a meeting and assistance service before customs, we will be happy to organise one of the following services:

Standard - Variable price per person
Premium - Variable price per person

Al Majlis UEE VIP - Variable price per person + variable booking fee

* To access the Al Majlis VIP lounge, a copy of each client's passport / visa is required. All the above services are subject to confirmation.

Please note that the meeting and assistance service is also available at the Terra Prime Interplanetary Spaceport and on Sol from 5pm to 2am, Saturday to Thursday. Please give at least 48 hours' notice to confirm your transfer.



At any time, your personal safety may be affected - directly or indirectly. Although a bodyguard can act as a deterrent in many potentially dangerous situations, as a VIP, incidents that can lead to injury can occur at any time. Depending on your profession or lifestyle, everyday situations can become dangerous, whether the threat is planned or opportunistic. For this reason, it is essential to work with an experienced protection group that can provide a professional bodyguard that can give you the peace of mind to go to your business with confidence.


Quality protection for a team of bodyguards and security professionals should rarely be seen but always present. This is only possible through advanced advanced planning that assesses risks based on an analysis of roads and transport routes, while remaining adaptable.


The needs of the VIP must also be a primary consideration, and most executives and celebrities prefer to work with bodyguards who can integrate while providing transparent protection. The bodyguard should also be able to integrate hospitality into his service, providing friendly customer service to the client - even to those who need more care and consideration.


Echelon's bodyguards are VIP certified security professionals.


The qualifications of your bodyguards are important. At Echelon Protection & Surveillance, we deploy specially trained and certified VIP security professionals, who include people with experience in law enforcement, government security, bilingual and military security to ensure your personal protection. This experience allows them to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to manage your protection needs in any situation and in any industry.


Whether you need short or long-term personal protection, a bodyguard or a team of agents working in tandem, we customize a security plan that protects you by minimizing your risks and responsibilities in business.

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